Innovation capability

Adaptive Damping System

Adaptive Damping System(ADS)

Definition:The ADS is a system that can adjust the damping force through solenoid valve according to the ECU command after obtaining the vehicle and road signal by sensors, improve the handling and ride comfort of the vehicle.


Electronic Controlled Air Spring Suspension(ECAS)

Definition:The ECAS is consisted of damper, air spring, ECU, pump, sensors, valves, pipes. The chassis height will be changed by adjusting the volume of air spring through pump and valves according to the detecting data of height sensors.

Frequency Adaptive Damper

Frequency Adaptive Damper (FAD)


Anti-roll damping system (ARD)

The upper chamber, lower chamber and storage chamber of left and right shock absorber are cross connection to increase the damping force and reduce the body roll angle.

Hydraulic rebound Stop (HRS)

The hydraulic buffer structure of the shock absorber is composed of buffer cylinder liner, buffer cushion, floating piston and other components.

Hydraulic buffer structure advantages: compact structure, large energy absorption, stable function, can effectively eliminate harmful factors such as impact, vibration, noise etc.