Leaders of Dongfeng Lantu visited CIJAN

2023/09/25 Nanyang CIJAN Automobile Shock Absorber Co.,Ltd.

On June 20th 2023, Jiang Tao (COO of Dongfeng Lantu Automotive Technology Co., Ltd), Luo Zhihao (Purchasing Director) and Li Qiang (Purchasing Manager)visited CIJAN and delivered a Lantu equipped with CIJAN's ADS damper to CIJAN for a three-month free test drive.


At about 11:00 am, the leaders of Lantu arrived at CIJAN. Mr. Zhao Zhijun, the chairman of CIJAN Company, led the senior management team to meet them at the entrance of R&D building. Mr. Zhao expressed a warm welcome to the visit of Lantu's senior management, and then both sides had a concise handover ceremony, Mr. Jiang of Lantu handed over the car key model to Mr. Zhao.

In the afternoon,both parties had a fully communication. Mr. Jiang fully affirmed the emphasis on R&D and the achievements made by CIJAN in recent years, and gave his best wishes for the future development of CIJAN. Afterwards, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Jiang exchanged thoughts on the long-term cooperation between the two sides.